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Little Bites

Truth or Dare.

I played it when I was twelve and it seems I still wind up playing it now.

Truth: When I first heard about these mini charm packs, I thought it was kind of a silly idea. Okay, a dumb idea. Sure, they’re cute, and I had a couple sitting around my workroom for exactly that reason. But what could you actually make with them?

Dare: So could I actually make something? I think you can see that the answer is yes. Who knew?

So what is a mini charm square? It’s a square measuring 2 ½” x 2 ½”. A mini charm pack is 42 squares – 2 ½” x 2 ½” – from a single collection of fabric. But you don’t need those to make these little quilts, if you have leftovers or scraps or remnants or a nifty collection of 2 ½” squares already cut, you’re ready to go. A single charm pack of 5” x 5” squares also works! It can be cut into quarters to make a bigger quilt, or even two different Little Bites projects.

Whether you finish them as little quilts or something else – pillows or tote bags – these projects are great fun. I love that they are a great way to play with a new collection, or to use up the contents of an over-flowing scrap basket. I also love that there are options – I’m a huge fan of that sort of thing.

Spring 2014: Slice, Scintilla, Trace, Titch, Ort, Whit, Grain and Sample

Fall 2012: Speck, Jot, Tickle, Drop, Tidbit, Mite, Chip, Morsel

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