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October 27-29:

Fall International Quilt Market, Houston, Texas

January 27 - 
February 3:
Moda Quilting Extravaganza Cruise
7-night cruise through the Western Caribbean
Stitchin' Heaven and Moda Fabrics
Sailing on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas
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Priorities…priorities… In my house, that means Rosie, as in Rosie comes first.

Rosie isn’t really called "Miss Rosie", that’s just what sounded the best for the company name. She is Quail Run's Rose Pistola. Rosie was born on September 16, 1999 in Redwood City, California. She was a belated birthday present from my Dad – who knew I wanted a puppy – and she came into my life on November 5 as the prettiest, spunkiest, most inquisitive and beautiful little golden bundle of fur – and fun. She's definitely a "girl" in that she loves presents, especially surprises, and every new toy she gets becomes her very-most-favorite-toy-in-the-whole-world… until the next new one comes along.

She inspects every bag, package, and envelope that comes into the house, just in case there is something in there for her. And her nose is into everything else including wastebaskets – which probably explains why most of the wastebaskets in the house are raised, covered or in a cabinet. She loves to shred leftover batting and strips of fabric, and she still insists on sleeping on quilts as they are being bound. After all, they do belong to her and it is HER name on the company, not mine.

Given that Rosie is named after a restaurant in San Francisco, it isn’t surprising that she loves to eat – anything and everything! You name it, she's probably eaten it or at least tried it. She loves olives, pickles, yogurt, carrots, cashews, green salad, bananas, pizza and so on… really, the list is very, very long. Truth be told, Rosie's diet is what everyone's should be – whatever you want, just in moderation. It probably explains why she’s such a happy girl!

As for me, I'm far less interesting. I wish I could tell you that I come from a long line of quilters, but that wouldn't be the truth. My aunt and I are the only quilters in our family and we both started quilting at about the same time. I've been quilting – or trying to – for almost 25 years… which means that I was a quilting prodigy and started when I was about five. Not buying that, huh? I wouldn’t either.

In trying to think about what I would tell you about "Carrie the Quilter", it would be this – I don't know any more about making quilts than you do. I have never made a perfect quilt, although I definitely aspire to do so one day. I have my preferred methods to do things but I don't think they are the "best way" – the method I use is simply the "way that works best for me". Nor am I an "expert" quilter, I have just managed to figure out how to work around my bad habits.

When it comes to writing patterns, my approach is simple – my only real expertise is that I made the quilt pictured on the cover and these are the things I think might help you do it better and more easily. It is part of why the patterns are as long as they are… well, one of the reasons, you've probably already figured out the main reason for that.

What else is there to tell you? Hmmm… not much I can think of other than this… I love, love, LOVE working with fat quarters and I love scrap quilts! The more fabrics I can use in each quilt I make, the happier I am. There is too much gorgeous fabric out there to use just a couple of pieces in each quilt.

I’m still trying to convince Carrie that she needs a newsletter of some kind but she won’t stop blogging long enough to work on it.  She really thinks La Vie en Rosie is all about her.  Sillygirl.

So if you have something to tell me, or if you want to voice an opinion about the newsletter, or just register for one if we ever get around to doing one, I’d love to hear from you.