DIY Garage Door Repair Project

After a long hectic day at work and a hefty drive back home, you just think of is relaxing shower and cup of coffee watching your favorite TV show. When you arrive home and hit the remote to open the garage door so that you can get the car in to park in the garage and enjoy the evening.

Unfortunately, nothing happens upon hitting the button, the garage door does not open. You hit the button again and again in frustration but nothing happens. The best solution is to call professional garage door services like, Ace Garage Door Repair to deal with the situation.

It would be wise to call a professional garage door technician but how about you take a look at the malfunctions garage door on your own. Maybe it is not as major a fault as you may think it is and you can resolve it by yourself easily. Remember you were provided with a user’s manual on the day of the garage door installation project which has some troubleshooting guidelines. Definitely, it is the first thing you should be searching for before doing anything with your garage door. Let’s see what else you can do for your garage door.

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  • Remote failure is a common reason behind the malfunctions garage door. Always keep a spare remote with you to see if the problem lies with it or somewhere else.
  • In case, garage door remote seems to be good, check the safety sensors. Make sure that they are not covered by dust for the smooth transmission of signals.
  • Once you have check the remote, see the tracks to make sure that they are properly cleaned, aligned, and lubricated. Blocked or dented tracks are one of the major reasons which make the garage door run slowly and steadily.
  • Check that the wires and cables are connected correctly. There are no frayed or mismatched cables. A clear indication is a sagging garage door. It would fluctuate and stop at its halfway. 
  • Garage door tracks on which garage door runs are held in their place by mounting brackets which can become loose and cause improper movements. You can fix the issue by simply tightened the loose screws and nuts.
  • If garage door tracks are dented or out of shape, you can put them back in good shape using a plastic hammer. Don’t hit the tracks too hard because it might break the whole track. Damaged tracks should be replaced.
  • If you are living in a area which has excessively cold temperature, there is a chance that garage door gets stuck. Check the setting again and readjust the limit force of garage door to make it functional.
  • The last thing is to check the torsion springs. The opening and closing of garage door is controlled by the garage door torsion springs mounted on the top of garage door. These devices are under immense amount of pressure. It can be dangerous to handle so it should be handled by specialist unless you have right tools and skills.
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It is always suggested to call a professional garage door company. Also, if your garage door is outdated or its components have reached their end limit, it is supposed to be replaced after a certain period of time. It is essential if you want to have a peaceful sleep be sure that nobody can access your garage.