Find quickly the answers to your questions here. If you want to add another one, please send your questions to our email account. 


Do you accept wholesale orders? 

Yes, we accept wholesale or bulk orders. Please email us the complete details of your orders and information. 


How can you guarantee that you will satisfy us with your product? 

All our fabrics are made of high quality materials, the patterns are created by Miss Rosie and inspected by our expert quilt buddies. All our items carry a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products, kindly send us an email regarding your concern and we will take an immediate action on the matter. 


What is your payment method? 

We accept payment through Visa cards or PayPal. If you want to pay your order by check, email your order to us. 


What are the shipping options and how long does it takes to arrive at my place? 

For most of our shipments, we use the United States Postal Service. For the larger orders, we use FedEx. Still, feel free to choose your favorite courier. However, if you choose a different courier, we still have to calculate the shipping cost. 


Basically, we are able to fill our orders in 3-4 days. So, if you are in an area near us, your order will arrive within 6 working days. For any other part of the country, 8-10 days is the standard delivery time.  


How much does the shipping cost? 

United States Postal Service and FedEx shipping costs may vary depending on the size of your order and your location. 


Can I cancel my order? 

No. Although, we do not accept back orders, you can send defective products back to us and we will be happy to either exchange it or refund your money.