About Us 

Sewing is fun for all quilt buddies out there! Miss Rosie Quilt Co. has been serving our loyal customers, all you quilt buddies, since we started.  


Miss Rosie started her career in doing tutorials on quilting on YouTube. In 2002, she started Miss Rosie’s Quilt as an online shop and website where she is also offering tutorial classes. Some of her students are now professionals when it comes to quilting. You too can be like them. Just enroll in our tutorial classes and be one of the keen and skilled quilt sewers. 


Isn’t nice if you visit our shop? Just check out our shop because we have everything here for you — from threads to fabrics to patterns, SewEzi table and much more. We will help and guide you in choosing the fabrics and threads, and teach you how to do quilting. But, if you can’t make it you can still shop online. Our shop has a large section of books and chairs on the side located near the front door of the store where you can browse comfortably anytime as long as the store is open. Of course, our books sell at very reasonable prices. We, in Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co., believe that in order to encourage people to read books, the prices must be reasonable. If we run out of stocks, and yet you still want to buy the book, just let us know, we will order for you promptly. 


Hundreds of personally designed patterns are waiting for you in our store. Miss Rosie herself designed all the patterns you’ll see on the physical store and online. These patterns are available to view as well as threads. 


All we want to do is to help all of you succeed on your quilt project. We are always happy to give you our services. Happy quilting!