How to Keeping Your Garage Door in Tip-Top Condition

The garage door is one of the most important and essential pieces of equipment around your home. However, most homeowners may their garage doors for granted and neglects their maintenance services until it is too late and they will have to conduct full-fledged garage door repair services. Thus to avoid the situation where your garage door might be non-responding or stuck when you want to get your car out urgently, Take care of your garage door to keep in its good working position. Click here to get more details about the importance of working garage doors.

Before you start conducting garage door maintenance services on your own, you should keep certain safety points in your mind.

  • keep your kids and pets away from your garage door when you are going to start the garage door inspection and maintenance task
  • Keep your hands always from moving hardware and pressure points of garage door such as hinges and springs
  • Be conscious and don’t get your hands stuck between the panels of the garage door. Stay away from adjusting the torsion springs
  • Garage door service is effective, safe, and reliable when it is carried out by experienced garage door contractors.

Check the mounting brackets and garage door springs:

Once you are ready with all your handy tools and safety measurements, you should start your garage door project by checking the torsion springs. Make sure that they are not frayed, broke, or show any sign of being worn out. If your garage door is creating loud and squeaking sounds, take care of it by applying any high-quality lubricant. However, it does not help you to fix the issue, you must call professional help. Don’t forget that garage door springs are placed under extreme pressure which may result in serious accidents and can even prove fatal in extreme cases.

You should then proceed to inspect the garage door mounting brackets that connects the garage door cables to the torsion springs. Over time, they become loose due to continuous operations of the garage doors. You can adjust the mounting brackets on your own but it can be dangerous work that will hurt you. The newer versions of the garage doors come with tamper-resistant mounting brackets which should be adjusted and replaced with the help of professionals.

Maintenance of garage door sensors and cables:

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that help the garage door from shutting down when there is something or someone stuck under the closing garage door. There are tiny electronic sensors that are placed near the ground. These sensors should be aligned properly and cleaned. You should take care to keep these sensors clear from dust, dirt, or any type of debris so that they can always function well to keep your family safe. Try to find out any frayed cable. If they show any sign of damages, replace them as soon as possible, otherwise, they can lead to fatal accidents.

Other jobs: Other simple tasks such as replacing the batteries in the garage door opener remote, fixing the weather stripping around the garage door, and shifting the wired opener around the wall should be conducted while you are servicing the garage door.