Miss Rosie’s Passion in Crafting and Quilting

 Hello quilt buddies! Welcome to Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company. 


Not a crafter or a new learner? Are you looking for a pattern and fabric for your quilt project? If you are a beginner or keen in quilting, this site is definitely a place for you. Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co will give all that you need when it comes to the aspect of quilting.  


Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. was founded by Rosie Taylor in 2005. Miss Rosie’s passion in crafting and quilting brought her into business. At first, she was only doing tutorials on YouTube but now, she created a successful one-stop-shop website. Behind a blue contemporary garage door in Tampa, you will find our beautiful shop of quilt patterns and fabrics. If you are just around the corner of the same place, please feel free to visit our shop. We welcome all our shoppers with full smiles and friendly greetings.  We also know a Tampa A1 garage door service to help build storage racks in your garage to help with extra materials you may reoccur.


Here, at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. we believe that if you give time and love on the things you are making with your own bare hands, you will make not only make your life but that of the entire world better. For those people who disagree with us, they might not have done any handmade items for themselves or for their loved ones.  


Miss Rosie Taylor, the owner and professional quilt instructor, personally designed all the patterns you see on our site. Before we introduce the newly-made patterns, our experts in quilt inspect them first, so you will enjoy all the patterns that we offer. Note that all of our fabrics were made with local high-quality materials. Yes, we support and stand for our locally-made products.  


We invite you to join us in our market tour. We always hold events. Miss Rosie’s Quilt drives a quilt booth in different places so you will have a chance to shop at our physical store booth. Our booth stays for a week in every market we visit. In addition, we offer a basic quilted class for newbies. As for the website, whether you are a quilting beginner or a skilled one, you can make yourself at home with us. Try our class tutorial or start a new project, you can just look around as well, either way, we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy your time with us. 


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We know that some of you may have doubts trusting our website and we understand that. However, we still strive to give our best to make our website trustworthy. If you still feel unsure of us, try to read our testimonial page and see the reviews of our satisfied quilt buddies. 


Thanks for your time! Keep browsing everyone.